DMA Portland Oregon Review

DMA Portland (Tigard, Oregon)

Welcome to the DMA Portland review. In this blog, we will analyze a marketing company based in Tigard, Oregon: DMA Portland 9780 SW Shady Ln, Portland, OR 97223 (971) 245-6843. This company may have been previously known as DMA Solutions, but has apparently changed their name since their time of incorporation. There aren’t very many reviews of the company, so we have created this page for your information.

DMA Portland is actually located in Tigard, Oregon. Below is their address and map.

dma portland oregon reviews

The company has been listed in a lot of publications for their advances in marketing, job creation, and work environment. DMA Portland reviews marketing strategies of Fortune 500 companies and provides face to face in person representation to drive sales and customer service.

The company DMA Portland might be affiliated with the Direct Marketing Association. Read more about that here.

DMA Portland Oregon Review

Although the company looks like it is small, it is in fact a lot larger than you would think. Jason Reggie Royce, the company’s president, has stated in a few of the company’s blog posts that they have recently expanded into California. This company expands very similar to how a stock splits once it reaches a peak threshold. You can read more about that on CareerBuilder where DMA Portland reviews their expansion process.

As business analysts, we are concerned with only a few things in company reviews. What are the executive salaries? Is the business model sustainable? What is the added value for their clients?

Salary and Pay Review of DMA Portland

While the entry level account manager position pay is in line with the national average, it seems that upper level management positions pay themselves what they are worth. In other words, as other companies’ shareholders and board members decide on how to divide the profits among them – so does this company.

The average earnings of executives in the company appear to be anywhere between $75,000 – $125,000 annually. While their pay is lower throughout the course of the year, the executive team at DMA Portland reviews salaries and bonuses at the end of the year and may give themselves a hefty bonus depending on overall company profitability. To learn more about salaries and pay, read this DMA Portland review. The author of the post goes into a lot more detail on the average pay and is a pretty good review of DMA and you may be able to find some testimonials and comments on that page.

Review of DMA Portland and Sustainability

The business model of this company is similar to a lot of other marketing and sales companies. There is an entry level position in which an employee gets trained in the basic sales and marketing processes. There is a corporate trainer position in which that employee of DMA Portland reviews the progress of other subordinates and team members and coaches them to excel. There is an assistant management position in which a future managing partner is trained in the back office. Then, an employee is promoted into an executive management position within the company.


How long can this be sustained?

It turns out that the splitting and expansion of the company actually prolongs the sustainability of the opportunity of all employees. Here, a manager at DMA Portland reviews this opportunity:

“I truly believe that we have the best opportunity in all of Oregon…and maybe even the entire Pacific Northwest region. We’ve added clients and will never saturate the market. Through intense training and coaching, we are able to effectively expand very quickly into other markets.”

- Jason Reggie Royce of DMA Portland

A Review of DMA Portland’s Value Proposition

Management at DMA Portland reviews the needs of several Fortune 500 prospects throughout the course of the year. The company is not proactively seeking out new clients for representation. They are more of a reactive company at the moment. They have several clients on the ‘back-burner’ awaiting representation.

But why do other companies hire this marketing firm?

Outsourcing is a very common practice today. This company has been in the outsourced sales and marketing business for a very long time now. Although this company isn’t the first one to be contracted by other companies to do their sales, they are currently the most widely accepted solution for larger national companies.

Other companies contract through DMA Portland Oregon for 4 reasons.

  1. Speed to market strategy
  2. Zero risk
  3. Higher conversions and sales
  4. Increased customer loyalty

For more information on DMA Portland, check out their main website:

Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City Review

Another marketing company has sprouted up. Strategic Campaigns Inc in Kansas City, Missouri is another outsourced sales and marketing firm to be reckoned with. It turns out that this company has exceeded expectations in employee engagement and marketing trends both in and outside of the Kansas City metropolitan area. Strategic Campaigns Inc functions are described in this post.

Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City started only a few years ago with just five employees. Since that time, they have expanded into another ten markets and cities throughout the United States. Staff members at this company often engage in group activities that not only build unity among the members, but also enhance communication throughout the company’s ranks.

For more information on how the company got its start, be sure to visit Strategic Campaigns Inc on their resource website. Strategic Campaigns has a lot of their information on that site and you’ll be amazed at how they have done so well in the past few years.

Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City

In order to truly appreciate what this company is doing, you have to understand how hard it is to perform in-person sales and marketing. It is quite challenging indeed. Most people won’t even try it. It’s way too difficult to deal with rejection. The type of person that does well in this industry is self-motivated and doesn’t take things to heart. They are optimistic and driven to succeed. They are also great communicators. Working at Strategic Campaigns Inc doesn’t guarantee that a person will learn these things, so it is important that they have these traits going into it in the first place.

Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City

Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City only hires people with an intense work ethic. They often teach their employees that if they have big goals, they will have to have an even greater work ethic. Most people want big things and have aspirations to be someone that is successful. However, most people are not willing to do the work. For more information on how this company views work ethic, be sure to check out Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City on one of their various blogs. This company employs some of the hardest workers in the job market.

A great review of any company also gives the potential downside of working with the company. So, here they are.

Working at Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City is challenging. They all work extremely hard to get the job done for their clients. No one in the company takes additional days off and calling in sick is not allowed. A Strategic Campaigns Inc employee is required to come in to work even if sick, but then they can be sent home. This is all discussed up front with each and every employee on their first day of employment.

What this video of Strategic Campaigns!

If a person can withstand the intense training that challenges even the thickest skinned individuals, the Strategic Campaigns Inc salaries have a lot in store for them. Getting through the day is easy when you have as much to look forward to as the top performing employees of Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City.

DMA Portland Follow Up

dma portland orSo here’s a follow up to our post about DMA Portland. I recently interviewed the company president, Jason Reggie Royce, and discussed the company’s training and advancement opportunities.

The president of DMA Portland was very forthcoming in his expectations of the next 24 months and the recent promotion of the new managing partner Josh, in San Fransisco, CA.

There is much that we didn’t know about DMA Portland so this post should help to clear things up a bit.

DMA Portland Oregon (Tigard, OR)

D.M.A. Portland is known as a business process outsourcing company. The company services Fortune 500 companies and assists in representation on local sales. The company has been in business for quite some time now and has even expanded into an additional market in California.

Josh, the new managing partner of DMA Portland, works with the same client in the new California location as he as earned much credibility and expertise in handling the daily operating procedures, systems, and training processes.

While the company continues to represent their longtime client in Oregon, DMA Portland is excited about the upcoming and ongoing opportunities with new clients in the area. What people don’t know, is just HOW MUCH opportunity there is with the internal advancement structure.

DMA Portland Opportunity for Advancement

dma portland oregonWhen someone starts in an entry level position of any company, they usually have to wait for several years before moving into even a mid-level management or supervisory position. However, at DMA Portland OR, employees are promoted into a mid-level supervisory position within a few weeks.

How is this possible?

Well, the clients of DMA Portland mean business. They aren’t going to wait around for years. Although these clients are patient, they want to see new customers in a lot more markets in the upcoming months. Therefore, the staff of DMA Portland is quickly cross-trained in all areas of sales, marketing, and management.

It’s simply a case of supply and demand. There is a huge demand for new locations and managers, and a short supply. There are currently thirteen management positions available within the company. All managers start at the entry level position, so there is a lot to look forward to if you are a brand new employee!

DMA Portland Oregon Expectations

Jason Royce, president of DMA Portland, projects an expansion of three additional locations by year’s end. In order to make this happen, the company is aggressively sifting through stacks of resumes to find ideal candidates. Since the entry-level position is fairly challenging, Jason states that it takes a ‘special’ kind of talent.

What are they looking for?

An ideal DMA Portland employee has a great work ethic, superb communication skills, a positive attitude, high degree of integrity, and the utmost professionalism.

This company is really doing some great things in Oregon. In fact, DMA Portland is becoming one of the leaders of the industry.